My work is about trying to sonically describe my own emotions, thoughts, and feelings that I experience in the different situations that I am in, such as the things that I see and the moments I live through. Sometimes the music is somber and cold and very digital in nature; other times it is hopeful and warm and more human in nature – but one does not exclude the other. My music is really an observation of both the external and the internal in my life.

I learned to use computers, musical instruments, and other devices to translate these ideas I had in my head into actual music and sound. The use of different methods and techniques for this purpose depends often on impulse and what tools I have at hand. Most often it is a computer, but other times it is a field recording or an instrument. Just like my music, the technique to make it is often contextual as well.

I find what inspires me the most are usually small moments in everyday life; times you share with a loved one, a landscape on your commute or a glimpse of the night sky on a dark day.