What is this?

This site offers you the choice of using a so called "pay-what-you-want"-system to access a brand new EP called "Chasing Embers" from me, Joni "JPL" Ljungqvist, as well as previously (un)released mixes from all the LNQ-EPs. All in all, the whole JPL Music-package holds the three mixes from the new "Chasing Embers"-EP, as well as the original LNQ-releases including the previously unreleased mixes. As a bonus, to keep fans of 'bang' interested, a feisty floor banger alá rave is included; "What Happened Yesterday?".

The package is distributed through the bittorrent site The Pirate Bay for easy access, and as stated, is based on a "pay-what-you-want" system. Thus, you can download the music for free or choose to give donations, be it either $1 or $10. The choice is completely yours! You're also entitled to remix and share this work, as long as proper credit is given. However, you may not use this material for commercial purposes. All this falls under the Creative Commons license.

What ever you choose to do, I hope you enjoy my new music and help spread the word about it. It's my creative will and the modern ways of today's music that is the main reason behind this website. So let's keep music alive, I'm sure most of us prefer it that way.

/ Joni (joni@jpl-music.com)

Love it!

All transactions are safely taken care of, and proceeded by PayPal for your security. With PayPal you can donate using your credit card or your PayPal account. Every donation is made directly to JPL Music and Joni Ljungqvist, and no 3rd party such as a record label is involved in this site.